What Our Youth & Caregivers Have To Say About H.E.A.R.T.

I have received services from H.E.A.R.T. for:

Counseling, 4 years - MW, 17 yrs old
Counseling, over a year - SC, Foster Parent
Counseling, 6 months - SS, Relative Caregiver
Consultation and Tutoring, 7 years - VR, Adoptive Parent
Counseling, 2 months - LM, Relative Caregiver
Counseling & Tutoring, over 3 years - RB, Foster Parent

I came to H.E.A.R.T. because:

I needed help with my anger - IL, 14 yrs old
I needed to express myself - MW, 17 yrs old
I have used their services in the past - LM, Relative Caregiver
My son was having behavioral problems at school - RB, Birthparent
It is the only program of its kind with a stellar reputation - VR, Adoptive Parent
I was aware of the services to other children who were helped over the years - SC, Foster Parent
I could talk about whatever's on my mind - RW, 17 yrs old
I was referred by the social worker - RB, Foster Parent

I have continued to come because:

It's nothing but love and because I need it - IL, 14yrs old
I feel cared for - LM, Relative Caregiver
It has been instrumental in getting the school administration to work with me, the parent - RB, Birthparent
It helps me to get anything I have off my chest. I could talk about anything and somebody is always
here that could listen - RW, 17 yrs old
I believe my child is being helped - SC, Foster Parent
My kids are receptive to Ms. Evelyn - RB, Foster Parent
It helps relieve my stress - MW, 17 years old
I am better able to cope with life problems - SS, Relative Caregiver

What I like best about it is:

Ms. Evelyn's love and kindness - IL, 14yrs old
It's comfortable - LM, Relative Caregiver
Ms. E and her critters and Elmos and the hearts - VR, Adoptive Parent
Ms. Evelyn is very respectful - MW, 17 yrs old
It's very helpful - SS, Relative Caregiver
Coming and finding out new ways to deal with life - RW, 17 yrs old
What makes H.E.A.R.T. different is:

It's comfortable - LM, Relative Caregiver
The personal attention given to my son - RB, Birthparent
The compassion, caring, insight, and knowledge - VR, Adoptive Parent
Sincerity and no pity parties - SC, Foster Parent
Just coming everytime it's something new to learn - RW, 17 yrs old
My children WANT to go - RB, Foster Parent
Ms. Evelyn tells you truth and honest and real love - SS, Relative Caregiver
You feel that she cares for you - MW, 17yrs old

It would be even better if:

It could help more kids - IL, 14yrs old
It had more counseling time available - RB, Birthparent
It remained open! - VR, Adoptive Parent
It had more funds to perform the services needed - SC, Foster Parent
They had more financial assistance - RB, Foster Parent
There was a van to transport children and parents - SS, Relative Caregiver
It's already better, nothing needs to be changed - RW, 17 yrs old

I'd like to add:

It's worth it - IL, 14yrs old
It's been fun so far and I would recommend anyone to come to H.E.A.R.T. -
RW, 17 yrs old
Thank you for your dedication! - VR, Adoptive Parent
Thank you for assisting us in getting back on track - RB, Birthparent
I would not want to be nowhere else - MW, 17 yrs old
She is very informative and supportive - SS, Relative Caregiver
We need more people with hearts to help H.E.A.R.T. - SC, Foster Parent