Ms. Evelyn “Heart Lady” Polk, LMFT


Ms. Evelyn is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in private practice for 19 years. She has worked for more than 30 years in the field of Human Services, including Adoptions, Adolescent Day Treatment, Residential Treatment, Sexual and Substance Abuse. She also brings to her work the personal experience and commitment of a single foster and adoptive parent.

Ms. Evelyn's Favorite Mottos

"Where love and skill meet... expect magic!"

"Just do it!"

"Do what you can, and leave the rest to God"

Personal Statement

"The Vision and Goals of 'H.E.A.R.T.' are the sentiments of my heart in a nutshell. In all of my work experience, it seems to have always been, knowingly and unknowingly, the children separated from their biological parents who have made the most lasting impressions upon my heart. As a child advocate, I realize that children never outgrow the need for a nurturing, and consistent support system (a.k.a. "family") , despite the circumstances of their biological ties. I also realize the difficulty there can be in the endeavor to provide that consistent nurturing, as well as it may be for a child sometimes to receive it if/when it is offered. It takes an understanding, and a willingness to embrace the pain of one's past and continue to love them through. My personal goal is to love and teach children that they are loveable, and to love and teach adults how to love them through."

What Kids and Caregivers Say about Ms. Evelyn:

My kids are receptive to Ms. Evelyn - RB, Foster Parent
I feel cared for - LM, Relative Caregiver
Ms. Evelyn tells you truth, is honest and has real love; She is very informative and supportive - SS, Relative Caregiver
I could talk about whatever's on my mind - RW, 17 yrs old foster youth
Ms. Evelyn is very respectful -You feel that she cares for you - MW, 17yr old foster youth
I continue to come because it's nothing but love and I need it - IL, 14yr old foster youth
Thank you for assisting us in getting back on track - RB, Birthparent
Thank you for your dedication! - VR, Adoptive Parent

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