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As a person whos worked for and around kids for 38 years and just finished my 11th PBS series, there are few colleagues that I admire and respect as much as Evelyn, whose heartfelt loving, nurturing of children is an inspiration to us all. 

Helen Keller, when told it must be hard to be blind, said it would be if I had no vision because we see with our heart. Evelyn's book and her life's work are seen with the heart.  She's always inspired all the people I know, and her colleagues love and admire her for her lifelong dedication to the betterment of children, advocacy for their healing, and for love in teaching the community to embrace and be the village that those children need.

Michael Pritchard, Motivational Speaker; Author; & PBS Host

I believe readers will find this book to be an interesting read.  It will give those who have little or no hope a lot of hope and faith that someone can help them turn their lives around.  For those who think they have no problems, it will give them an understanding of what people with problems go through.

I think about the debates and all the hoopla about the economy, and that is not our biggest problem in the US.  The biggest problem in the US is those who don't care and those who don't take time out to care. If we really cared and loved one another, we wouldn't have to worry about our economy and all this other non-sense.  We wouldn't because we would be taking care of each other, like you're doing Mom.

Eric Bazile, Former Youth Separated from Birthparents

This is a charming and heartfelt memoir in which one can feel the joy and anguish of one woman, who walks through her journey wearing the shoes of both a caring and devoted professional, and single foster and adoptive mother, and who travails for her children.  It's a remarkable story which gives encouragement to walk in our purpose and faith, and never give up on our youth, nor our dreams.

Janie Bess, Author of Visions; Founder & Director,
Writers Resource Center; & Relative Adoptive Parent

Evelyn is one of the most transparent, caring, sensitive, direct, challenging women of color I know; she has been such to me. She will be to you as well if you take the time to read her book. But I warn you . . . only do so if you want to hear from an unshakably candid and sincere woman.

Dr. Samuel Huddleston, Author of Five Years to Life

Assistant District Superintendent. Northern CA
and NV Assemblies of God

Evelyn is a woman of action when it comes to protecting our kids and embracing the African Proverb that it takes a village to raise a child;  and is an avid supporter of those who are adoptive or foster parents.

Evelyn confronts, head-on, the anxieties and roadblocks that one might encounter working and caring for kids within the system. Yet she amplifies the rewards of sowing into a child's life that reaps a never-ending harvest.

Her book is full of stories that will make readers laugh, cry and cheer.

Although it is hard work, readers will discover that they too can be as courageous as she is. Read It's Heart Work and be educated, informed and inspired.

Danette Mitchell, Author & Columnist

Ms. Evelyn's book is a great addition to those who are both professionally and personally touched by the foster care and adoption Although there are many books about this important subject, Ms. E demonstrates a creative style that is uniquely her own in the way she weaves both her professional work, as well as her clients and her own personal experiences. I recommend this book to any persons involved in the foster care and adoption field. 

Robbin L. Rasbury, Psy.D

Adult Adoptee, Foster & Adoptive Care Clinician/Consultant

Evelyn has the unique ability to always see the possibilities regardless of the circumstances. The experiences she chronicles in her book would justifiably leave the average person angry, frustrated and bitter, but not Ms. E. She came out of it even more inspired and determined to do everything she can to make this world a better place for every child.

She tells it like it is and inspires us to take action to make it better. For the children's sake the world needs her wisdom. I am a bettervillager because I've read her book.

Dan Smith, Motivational Speaker; Founder & Co-Owner,
Forever Told

This book that will touch your heart and remind you of the awesome responsibility we have to acknowledge, love, and guide the children who enter our lives. Your life will be transformed as you read the stories of Ms. E's  children.  She reminds us that children are our future and we are all part of the village that leads them forward.

Vincent Toran, Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur


Evelyn has so much passion and enthusiasm, anyone who reads this can feel it.

I read it all the way through in one sitting.  I started reading and couldn�t put it down.  It came at a time just when I needed it. Words can�t even express!  

As a foster parent of 17 years I could relate to everything she went through.

Having known her in a professional capacity, I had no idea she had been through all of this!  It made me feel better when I saw that she, as a professional had gone through the same things as I have-- that said a lot to me.  I think it will make a lot of foster/adoptive parents feel better about the situations they may find themselves in, in caring for kids.

Ruth Williams, Foster Parent

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