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July 17, 2012

"Foster Freak to Church Geek:
I Know Who &Whose I Am"
with :
            Former Foster Child & Founder of Church Geeks,
    Christian D. Green 

Christian David Green was born behind bars to a mother he'd never see again; and at 2 days of age was placed with the parents of his "alleged" father, where he remained until he was 15, when his grandmother died. Having his share of emotional and behavioral challenges, he then went from relative, to group home, to foster care placement, exploring  his "place in the world".

Christian will share with us his journey from seeking and finding unconditional love and acceptance both naturally and spiritually; to eventually finding out the true story of his birth and parentage; and his founding of Church Geeks, an empowerment program which seeks to create innovative ways that will keep youth and young adults motivated to live for Christ.

Church Geeks strives to build an association whose purpose is to inform those who do not know Christ about Him so they can be naturally, mentally and spiritually fulfilled.

Although being described as a "geek" generally tends to be an insult, Christian states "The difference between nerds and geeks is geeks get it done".  So with honor his self proclamation is "I am a CHURCH GEEK!" and he IS "getting it done'! 

July 3, 2012

"Through The Eyes of An Orphan"

Author, Heather O'Neil

.Having lived her whole life in the foster care system (abandoned as an infant and never adopted) during her childhood Heather O'Neil found solace in writing. As an older teen she honed her gifts to transform the pains of her childhood into viable means of survival as an emancipated "orphan" by creating greeting cards and jingles; and as an adult has authored five books through ProSe' Publishing House which she founded.

Heather states that the characters and storylines in her books are composites of life experiences she lived and observed in the lives of other children and youth she encountered during her journey through the foster care system.

She is also Founder of National Foster Children's Day, initially legalized and in the state of New Jersey, with current efforts for legalization and acknowledgement throughout the United States. Her experience, having been "truly a lonely and loveless existence" propels her hope that in her lifetime she can make a difference.

May 29, 2012

All Star RoundUp in Recognition of
National Foster Care Month

Former Foster Youth:


             Chris Chmielewski         Courtney "Jumpman" Castro    Dr. Cassondra "Cookie" Humphrey

and added guest:
                Former FosterYouth, and National Foster Child Day Advocate

Author Heather O'Neil

Ms. E Culminates a Month of Weekly Broadcasts With An All Star Round-Up in Recognition of National Foster Care Month! Sponsored By Foster Focus Magazine www.FosterFocusMag.com

We will reconnect with and hear the highlights and miliestones our featured guests for the month of May have experienced.Former Foster Youth:Chris Chmielewski , Courtney "Jumpman" Castro, Dr. Cassondra "Cookie" Humphreyand added guest:Former FosterYouth, and National Foster Child Day Advocate, Author Heather O’Neil

We will also hear from callers across the United States to find out what other individuals and organizations have done to make a difference
during this special month!

May 22, 2012

"Sweet, Bittersweet, or Tough Cookies?"
Dr. Cassondra “Cookie” Humphrey
Former Foster Youth & Author of
"All Cookies Ain't Sweet"

Mother, College Professor, Founder of Humphrey House Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring children at risk; CEO of Future Talent & Entertainment a celebrity marketing group, Cookie is also a Mentor and Motivational Speaker who KNOWS what it takes to rise from a victim to victory. 

Through many life challenges she has learned how change the bitterness of a tough cookie “monster” to that of a beautifully baked sweet cookie that doesn’t crumble!

Whether you’re a youth whom everyone has given up on, or a caregiver, social worker, mentor, teacher or any adult in “the village” who feels hopeless about there ever being a future of hope for a young person in your life, you’ve
GOT to hear this story!
May 15, 2012

From Foster Care to Adoption then Orphaned and Homeless:
Lost Between the Cracks of Social ‘Services’

PLEASE listen to this story as written in Portrait of an American Family a true and tragic blog written and told by “Monique” the older adoptive sister of a sibling group adopted by her biological mother, now re-orphaned after the mother’s sudden and recent death.

Monique will talk about the unbelievable hoops and strands of red tape, which have strangled, choked and left these children without resources, and effective May 31st even a home to live in, as she has strived to maintain a quality of life for her adopted siblings in Northern California.

Perhaps You/We or SOMEONE in the village can HELP!
May 8, 2012

Jumping Through The Hoops of Foster Care
Courtney Laquan “Jumpman” Castro

Aptly named because of his ability to jump and slam-dunk, this Brooklyn, New York native is a refined product of a young man who has jumped through many hoops to achieve his goals, and is a great example
of how one  can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles
Not only having overcome the mental and emotional challenges as a child
youth through the maze of foster care, but at a mere 5’11, 185 lbs. he is living proof that  you don’t have to be big to make a big impact.

Castro played both baseball and basketball throughout high school,
but he excelled in basketball. He went on to further his education at Navarro College in Texas (where he made all conference,
averaging 21.9 points and 5 assists) and after achieving his Associatesdegree, earned his Bachelor’s degree in Special Education at Elizabeth City, State University. He was not only an accomplished player,
but also an outstanding student.

In 2007 Castro joined the Harlem Wizards, one of the greatest basketball show teams, featuring some of the top basketball talents in the world.

Having many interests outside of basketball, Castro is always eager to jump to new heights. He enjoys playing the organ and drums; and after appearing in a Nike commercial, he is trying his hands
at modeling and acting.

When he’s not making personal appearances around the country, you can find him teaching and mentoring students through the Future All-Star Leadership program. Castro cites his grandmother as his hero and role model for preparing him for life and says he feels blessed to share his
athletic gift and spread hope around the world.

May 1, 2012

Focus on National Foster Care Month
with Foster Focus Mag

        Chris Chmielewski   

Former Foster Youth and
Founder/Editor In Chief of Foster Focus Magazine

Celebrating its One Year Anniversary, Foster Focus is the Nation's
only monthly  magazine devoted to foster care.
As a transitioning foster youth who found himself homeless, Chris realized he had been totally blind sighted by the series of events which had impacted his life as a foster youth; and decided that he didn’t want any other youth to have to face the same
unfortunate circumstances.

April  24, 2012

"Real Poetic Justice"
with guest
Ms. Mellea

Hear awesome, heartfelt expressions of challenges,
reflections & triumph
in a life's journey through foster care 
via poetry and conversation with  High School Senior

April 17, 2012

"Poetry For The Heart"

In Recognition of
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
& National Poetry Month

With Guest:
Cheryl L. Nicks

Listen as Ms. Nicks discusses the therapeutic healing of poetry when abuse has occurred; and shares her poetry, as well as how her compassion and passion for youth has taken her beyond work in "the village" to "bringing the village home".

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Cheryl L. Nicks is an Published  Poet, Amazon # 1 best selling author, and Les Brown Platinum Speaker,  who utilizes her personal experience of triumph over the poverty, substance abuse, and domestic abuse which plagued her childhood environment, to inspire others to take steps toward a life of meaning, purpose, and service.  She is also a certified Psychotherapist and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, and is dedicated to serving youth.

Speaking on college campuses, to church youth groups, and camps, her passion for youth led her to her purpose, the creation of Nicks International Community Foundation a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that assists in the rebuilding of communities in her hometown of New Orleans through community involvement, poetic expression and healing.

April 3, 2012

Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness

With Guest:  James Byrum

A program founded in 1988 to provide physical exams of children in cases of suspected child assaults, a need not met by any other organization in Napa or Solano Counties, which has now grown to cover medical-legal exams of sexual assault victims of all ages.

Still the only provider of these essential services in Napa and Solano Counties, each year SANE/SART provides over 150 medical-legal examinations, providing emotional support to the victim at the time of the exam,  and advocacy, counseling ,support, and expert testimony throughout the criminal justice process.

March 20, 2012

"We Are The World, We Are The Children,
  We are The Village, and
  They're ALL Our Children"

The vision of For A Child's H.E.A.R.T. is that
"EVERY child experiences a sense of acceptance and belonging in their homes and communities"
With the inception of HEART 20 years ago, this vision was a local and national one. However, the territory of this vision has now been enlarged in the eyes and heart of Ms. E who has just returned from the International Roundtable of "Birthing Our Future: The Time Is Now" and a visit to
ABBA Children's Home in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ms. E will share her experience there and her new vision, which embraces ALL of our children; as well as the "issues" she's had in the past about local churches and organizations which have seemed to overlook the needs of our children and youth "at home" to finance missions which care for children in other countries.

She will also interview, third time guest and former foster youth, Nicole Marchman who is currently serving an internship and making a difference in the lives of children at St. Dominic's Children's Home in Trinidad and Tobago.

Feburary, 21, 2012

"I Am My Mother's Keeper:
Caring for a Parent with Mental Illness
After Foster Care"

With  Guest :Tom Perry
Former Foster Youth & Entrepreneur

Born to biological parents who were both diagnosed with a Mental Illness, Tom entered foster Care at 8 years of age, experiencing 7 placements until he aged out at 18 years old.

Looking back upon his childhood Tom sees a mixture of setbacks and successes, having graduated from college, served as a volunteer missionary, and fluent in three languages. However he says all he's ever wanted to do since he was 10, "was come back home where I belong"

Today Tom is a budding entrepreneur and says he loves being home where he belongs, taking care of his mother whom he believes is much happier today than she has been for decades.

Feburary, 20, 2012

"Successful Parenting"

With Guest :Kim Bernal Smith
Founder of Heart to Heart Communication, and
Host of the "Successful Parenting Summit"

Known as an expert in Intuitive and Positive Parenting, Kim is dedicated to saving children from a life of what she calls "dis-repair."  Her blessing is helping parents make a heart to heart connection with their kids by learning to see, hear, and feel their children's world.
Kim is also an author, speaker and advocate. She has tremendous expertise in the fields of domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse and play therapy. She has studied with the College of Executive Coaching and is a Certified Professional Coach and clinical social worker with specialties in school and medical social work. 
The Successful Parenting Summit, developed and hosted by Kim Bernal Smith is developed to enhance Parenting Skills, by narrowing the emotional gap growing between parents/caregivers and their children, giving children a gift that keeps on giving... Heart to Heart Communication.

February 7, 2012

"Mental Health & Illness in the
African-American Community:
Where Is The Love, Peace & Soul?"

With Guests:
Cheryl N. Mims, LCSW
Terrie M. Williams, LCSW  

Cheryl N. Mims is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Vallejo, CA who has 20 years of combined experience in Social Services and Corrections, and is now a doctoral candidate completing her dissertation: "Family Madness: The Impact on African-American Children Growing Up With A Caretaker Who Has A Mental Disorder". She has personal knowledge of the matter, having grown up as the youngest child and only daughter in a family in which her mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Terrie M. Williams is the Co-Founder of The Stay Strong Foundation. A clinical social worker by training who became a successful public relations pro by her own design, Terrie has emerged as a passionate advocate for youth and those who battle depression. Her 4th and most recent book, "Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting" tells untold stories of depression among African-Americans as well as her personal story of chronic and crippling depression-a revealing narrative she shared in the June 2005 issue of ESSENCE magazine.

January 17, 2012


Why Do Some Children & Youth Overcome Adversity
While Others Get Stuck?"

With Guests:
Troy Payne Adoptee, and
Author of  "The Road To Resiliency"
Greg Jennings, Ph.D
Professor of Educational Psychology at California State University East Bay (CSUEB)

Troy, an adoptee having experienced a life-long journey of many emotionally and physically painful and scarring experiences, is now a youth counselor, international best-selling author, musician, speaker, and Founder of Wellness Realization  (www.wellnessrealization.net )

Dr. Jennings completed his Doctorate degree at the University of California at Berkeley, with special interest and research in the area of children's resiliency; and is a contributing author to the book "Portraits of Teachers in Multicultural Settings" with a chapter on children's resiliency .Dr. Jennings was also a member of H.E.A.R.T.'s  founding board of directors, and the co-host on Ms. E's inaugural radio program broadcast
"Voices For A Child's Heart", in 2004.

December 1, 2012

Life of An Adoptee:
Searching for Keys to The Future and The Past
With Guest:
Cedric Marques Franklin

Placed for adoption by his young biological parents because they couldn't afford another baby, Cedric Marques Franklin lived in foster care for the first 4 months of his life until he was adopted through a Georgia adoption agency, by a couple he now knows as his parents. With them, he was an only child until the age of 16, when they adopted a younger sister sibling pair.
Growing up knowing he was adopted from the age of 5, Marques describes his relationship with his family as "a great one". However school was a different story, being placed in Special Education during grade school and forced to literally wear a label with the inscription "Isolated".  Here he became a withdrawn child never feeling like he fit in, and describes his adolescent years as being like "a paper airplane being thrown in the air with a vision but drifting in the wrong direction"--until he found his passion.  Franklin believes that "every child/teenager has potential that needs to be identified and nurtured by parents".
Listen to find out how Marques found the keys to his passion and as he walks into his vision one day at a time, preparing for the release of his very first novel, yet still is searching for the keys to unlock the history of his biological family history

November 27, 2012
National Adoption Month
"Which Way Is Home ."
With Guest:
Jessenia "The Voice" Aria
       (aka Muzik)               

Have You Ever...
...felt like the place where you were living was just a place to stay and not "home"?
...wondered what life would be like
if you were never placed in foster care or for adoption?

An adoptee born in Manhattan, NY., and in her words, "raised all over the place", Jessenia has a powerful testimony of how she overcame being an abandoned baby, abused child, incarcerated youth and high school drop-out.  

Then with the close mentorship of caring coaches and teachers, she graduated from high school and was awarded a $160,000 scholarship to attend and graduate from Lynn University. 

Jessenia is now committed to her work as a Foster and Adoption Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of "Which Way Is Home", with a special compassion for African-American and Hispanic youth placed in trans-racial families.

Her passion for speaking to and in behalf of foster youth and adoptees, and transparency about her life has helped hundreds of youth transform their lives by learning how to overcome personal struggles, dream big, build confidence and find their purpose.