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Spring/Summer 2009

So much has happened since the beginning of May, we can't tell it ALL- -
not now anyway.  We've got to finish "doing summer"!  (:
If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then you'll be able to tell a lot yourself as you  enjoy some of the past months' highlights through photos taken by
Mr. Van Waller of I AM Unlimited Photography and Ms. E
during our Annual Foster Pride Fundraiser, Luncheon and Workshops, and fun-filled interviews with DJ "Triple J" at Ozcat Radio in May.

HEARTS "Click" at Fraser Net

           Jacquinn Meets Mr. Fraser                              Jacquinn Presents Copy of Ms. E's Book

Our "hearts" Kevin Brown and Jacquinn Scales, 2005 and 2009 recipients of HEART's Les Brown Heart of Dreams & Tenacity Award were attendees at the 7th Annual FraserNet Power Networking Conference held in Atlanta, GA June 25-27th!  Both left the conference exclaiming that it was one of the most "life-changing experiences" they've had! 
Stay tuned to our television program "Visions..." for an interview with the CEO of FraserNet, Mr. George C.Fraser,  a former foster child himself.  Mr. Fraser is considered by many to be the new voice for African Americans and one of the foremost authorities on networking and building effective relationships.
Mr. Fraser is the author of three books: Success Runs In Our Race; The Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the African American Community (a critically acclaimed bestseller); Race For Success; The Ten Best Business Opportunities for Blacks In America (selected as one of ten best business books of the year by Booklist); and CLICK:  Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships.

Thank you Mr. Fraser for embracing our "village" AND our "hearts" !
Dan Smith Wrote:
"I had the honor and pleasure of attending Ms. Evelyn's book
release and signing...
I wish you all could have been there.
To see her in her village with her children was incredible.
Evelyn started off as many of us know her, did this get here?,
did that get here? this goes here.
That goes there. This wasn't supposed to be like that, etc...

Then she left the room for a few minutes to get ready. She returned and presented herself in a way I have never seen her do before.  She was radiant.  This was her day.  These were her people, her family. 
Everyone responded.
She took center stage. She did not walk up to it
she took center stage; she owned it.
She presented her book, and herself, so well that a person who was riding with me who had never met Evelyn or heard of her book said: "listening to her present I had to buy her book and start reading it right now".

Three people who are depicted in her book there, Carlos, Eric and Dad Huddleston. She read each of their chapters and then they responded. It was amazing and very emotional. I was filming and I couldn't tell if the camera was focused because I had tears running down my cheeks.

Carlos and Eric both touched our hearts when they told us what a difference Evelyn had (and still does) made in their lives. They both said they are the men they are today because of Evelyn and that no matter what was going on in their lives they could always count on her.
Dad Huddleston wrote and presented a poem to Evelyn in which he expressed how honored and proud he is that Evelyn sees him as a father figure and that she calls him dad.
He also questioned what is wrong with all of the young single Christian
men out there because Evelyn would make a wonderful wife.
(hope she doesn't kill me for saying that part)

Then came the big announcement. After years of seeing each other as mother and son Evelyn is going to officially adopt Carlos as her son. Actually at this point it is probably more accurate to say they are adopting each other. Although the calendar says he is a 35 year old man, while Evelyn was making the announcement he was a beaming ten year old boy.
I have never seen Evelyn smile as big or glow as much as she was while she was sitting at the table signing her book. She looked so natural I have to believe events like this will be repeated several times in her life.

Yesterday was a milestone moment "for a child's heart" and
a turning point for humanity.